VAP Summer Institute

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Online Teacher/Facilitator Resource Center

PPT Presentation for 7/30/13 - Communication and Collaboration

PPT Presentation for 8/1/13 - Differentiation and Student Engagement

General Resources

Must Know Resources
Overview of Resource
Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching Peer Reviewed
Ulster BOCES School Library System
This site gives access to the Ulster BOCES Data bases for research. This is a must know for online AP classes and research.
Academic Honesty, FERPA and Copyright
Deals with academic honesty and values in a community of scholars, such as a college.
Moodle Basics Boot Camp -
This course has been created to introduce the Moodle tools to the students. It should take students about 1-2 hours to complete. They should not get access to courses till this is completed.
The eLearning Coach -
Tips and reviews for online and mobile learning.
NEA - Teaching Online Guide -
32 page PDF designed by the NEA for teachers teaching online.
Design for Adult Learning Online
"offer seven simple, yet valuable ideas that should be incorporated into the design of online courses:"
Types of Teaching Styles
Gives definitions of the 4 types of teaching styles and then a quiz for teachers to take that determines your style based on teaching preferences. Explains what you may have problems with in an online course as an instructor as well as identify your strengths.
Are you Right for Teaching Online?
Gives personalized Feedback about how you would be as an online instructor.
Strategies to Promote Online Learning
Strategies for use in online discussions to promote participation. Gives examples for motivation and also gives tips to help the teacher not to dominate the discussion as well.
Tips and Strategies for Every Online Instructor
Tips for being an effective online teacher and great for contingency planning.
What is Meaningful Feedback?
Gives examples of types and ways to give feedback in the online setting.
Teaching with Style
PDF document that is very detailed and helpful with dealing with students in learning communities, as well as to help continually develop our own teaching style.
Learning Style Assessment
Learning Style Assessment. Many teachers teach only to their own learning style - important to know.
Teaching Styles Assessment
Follow up and build upon of the Learning Styles Assessment
The Constructivist On-Line Learning Environment Survey

Academic Integrity Videos:

Fostering Interaction Resources:
Ice Breakers for Online
Questioning Techniques & Course Management
Language and Student Interaction
Treasure Hunts, Games Simulations

Managing an Online Course:
Teacher Record Keeping in an Online Course
Essential Principles of High Quality Online Teaching
Teaching with Online Communication Tools
Managing Student Behavior Online
Skills Both Online Students and Teachers Must Have
5 Essential e-Mails for Online Students
Specific Activities that Promote Online Discussion
Preparing k-12 Teachers to Teach Online
Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online Like a Pro
Web Meetings, Webinars, Virtual Classrooms Compared
Rubrics for Web Lessons
Emerging Set of Online Instructor Performance Guidelines
Time Management for Online Instructors
How to Focus in the Age of Distraction
Sample - What to Expect from My Instructor

Online Course Self Evaluation
Online Course Rubrics
Rubric for Online Instruction
Grading Rubric for Online Instruction
Tips for Managing Large Online Classes