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Google Earth Science Resources for the Classroom - Karen's Social Bookmarking Site with Google Earth Link continually updated Google Earth Download - Google Earth Gallery for Education Google's Google Earth for Educators Page Google Earth Across the Curriculum in PDF format from Free Technology for Teachers Blog Google Earth Earth Science Mannual for Teachers Google Earth Science Library Google Earth Blog for Science Google Earth Ocean Simulations -
Goes right along with the TED Video Clip. The clip is located at -
entitled Sylvia Earle's TED Prize wish to protect our oceans Teaching Science with Google Earth - This is an excellent site I use it a lot. Scholastic Lesson Plans for Google Earth Discovery Google Earth Resources Lesson Plans and Google Earth Google Earth Lesson plans for Geography from the UK

School Sites for Google Earth:

Science & Media Highlights

National Science Teacher Association -

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World -

iBios Seminar Free and OnDemand -

Free Science Books & Journals -

BBC Science Clips - Ages 5-11 year old is the target audience-

Top 100 Space Images from NASA Hubble-

Virtual Nerd – Science & Math Tutorials -

Wisc – Online – Learning Activities to help Students Succeed -

Brain Pop Jr. – K-3 -

Forces of Nature from National Geographic -

NASA TV (Has Multiple Channels)-

World Book at NASA for Students -

A Science Odyssey - For the television series -

The National Science Center – Mobile Discovery Center -

Search the Popular Science Archives -

Global Sea Turtle Network and other Wildlife Tracking -

Siemen’s STEM Academy via Discovery Education -

Institute of Physics – Physics World -

Physics Tutorial Menu -

Circuit Textbooks – online and Free -

Homework Helper -

Khan Academy Science Videos -

The Virtual Physics Classroom -

University of Utah Teaching Genetics Resources-

High School Lab Safety WebPages -

Kidipede – History and Science for Middle School -

Chemistry Video Collection -

Einstein Archives online -

Shodor – Non-profit educational Research for Science Database -

The Futures Channel – Science Videos for the Classroom -

Global Earthquake Search -

Periodic Table of Videos -

21st Century Science -

Research Channel Video Library -

Smithsonian – Science and Technology Highlights -

Science Cartoons -

Virtual Hip Replacement -

EggHeads Virtual Science Surgery’s -

Science Blog Highlights

4th Grade Science Blog -

Teach Science and Math – k-12 Technology Blog for Science and Math -

CoolHub – Collaborative Networks to Fast Forward STEM Innovation -

Bio Ed Online – Science Resources for Teachers from Baylor College of Medicine -

Science Beyond the Headlines from the California Academy of Sciences -

The Happy Scientist -

Science Lessons.CA Blog -

Top Science Blogs -

2008 Best Science Blog Finalists:

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Pharyngula (PZ Myers)
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Improbable Research
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Climate Audit
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Bad Astronomy
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Real Climate
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NASA Watch
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Watt's Up with That
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NeuroLogica Blog
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60-Second Science
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Greg Laden

10o Best Blogs for Education and Technology -

TED Blog - 100 websites you should know -

The Classroom -

Science Virtual Labs, Experiments and Games

ETE Game -

The Game of Prehistoric Life -

Printable List of Classroom Science Experiments from ABC Teach -

Design Squad from PBS – Science challenges for the Middle School -

Design Squad Teacher’s Guide -

Game for Science – The first Virtual World aimed towards science. -

Virtual Owl Pellet Disection -

Adler Planetarium – Online Experiments -

Arizona Science Center Online Experiments -

We Choose the Moon – Interactive Moon Mission -

XPrize from Discovery Education – Fuel our Future -

Interactive Science Simulations from the University of Colorado -

GalaXseeds Game of the Universe -

N3wton – Physics Game -

The Great Plant Escape – University of Illinois -

Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Cells – via Quia -

Matching Organelles – Quia -

The Adventures of Josie – She travels back in time to rescue her inventor turned teacher – FREE -

Chemical Element Games -

Mr. Nussbaum Science Games -

Physics Games -

The River City Project -

Immune Attack Game – must be downloaded - Available July 2010-

A Game for Young People about Cancer -

Periodic Table Tetris Game -

Jefferson Labs Science Games and Puzzles -

The Carbon Cycle Game -

Virtual Pond Dip -

Might Mutation Maker Game -

The Gene Scene Game from the World WildLife Federation -

Dog Breeding Games from PBS Kids -

DNA and Name Class Activity -

Animal Classification – Hangman -

The Virtual Body -

San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes Game -

FunErgy -

Quia Shared Science Games -

Design Your Own Satellite -

DumpTown Recycling Game -

Online Dissections -

Salmon Dissection Game -

Eye dissection -

Virtual Labs Websites -

McGraw-Hill & Florida Virtual Labs -

Virtual Dissections, Labs and Field Trips – The Best -

Quest Atlantis -

River City Project -

Active Worlds -

Science the Internet and Web 2.0 Highlights
Curriculum 21 Web 2.0 Resources for Science -

Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences -

8 Wonders of the Solar System Interactive -

Stat Planet

E Science Learning for Kids -

Science Animations – Designed for NYS Core Physics Curriculum

k-12 Science WebQuests from Zunal -

University of Missour – eThemes - by grade k-12 - by Subject K-12

Indiana State Department if Education K-12 Tiered Curriculum Project for Math and Science k-12 –
Differentiated by readiness, interest and learning styles -

World Lecture Hall -

Science 101 – Electronics ttp://

Science Homework Help -

Museum Box -

The Food Chain – Digital Book -

Utah Education Network Grades 3-6 Science Interactives -

Classic Chemical Balancer -

The Blobs Guide To Electric Circuits interactive for up to 5 players or groups -

Interactive Lab Safety Tutorial – From Baruch College

Interactive Sky Charts -

Interactive Water Cycle Resources -

Women’s Adventures in Science -

Children’s Storybooks and Science -

Astronomy Inter-actives for Science -

Typical Animal Cell Interactive -

Adobe Digital School Collection for Math and Science

Teacher Science Resources from Discovery

Discovery New Teacher Survival Central -

BugScope -

CiteULike -

Connotea -

The Why Files Interactive -

Top Marks Science Interactives -

Science Online Resources -

Interactive Science Websites -

Interactive Science Exercises -

Try Science -

ACE High School Science Resources -

The Atom’s Family -

Interactive Solar System -

A+ Mobile Science Solutions -

Programming and the Classroom

Computer Science Teacher Association -


StoryTelling Alice

Web Resource Links
All resources from:

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus
The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham
ISTE | Home
Kids Educational Games |
ICTP-SDU: i-Rooms
WolfQuest - GeoGames
Earthcache Listings
Adaptive Curriculum
Welcome to Planet Science
Molecular Workbench
Online Games - The GEEE! in GENOME
BBC - CBBC - Roar
Practical Chemistry
Past Papers (Chemistry) - Biki
Castle Mendeleev
WorldWide Telescope
Virzi's Bio/Chem Links
Chemsongs - Fun & Funny Chemistry Songs
Physics Songs ..
Chem 211 Songs
Sing Along Science
Antarctic University Expedition 2009 - International Polar Year | North Pole ice may completely melt away this summer
The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Science Interactives
Interactives . Dynamic Earth . Intro
Discover Primary Science - teacher training, classroom resources, primary science education, science awards
...:::Planet Quest by Theresa Doty...:::
Incubation and Embryology - University of Illinois Extension
42explore: Thematic Pathfinders for All Ages
Northumberland NGfL Resource Index
Climate Change | U.S. EPA
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
WWF - Climate Change
CBC Kids - History of Inventions, a timeline from Pottery to Computers.
W.E.S. - Endangered Species
Zoey's Room - A tech know community for girls - Online Multimedia Educational Games for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades
My Foof Pyramid - Interactive
Stellaluna Bat Quest
Earthquake in the School Library: A Study in Simple Machines
Planet WebQuest
Learning about Rainforests - Edit560s6 Homepage
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Microbes in Action
Earth Science Teaching: Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities
Biology Lessons at SDSU!
Physics Central: Learn How Your World Works
BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind
Science Dissections
Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy
Math Trek: The Power of Being Influenced, Science News Online, Jan. 5, 2008
IconBAZAAR - Molecules
Science Homepage
Teachers' Domain: Home
Home of CELLS alive!
Science Kits
Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art and PE Interactive Sites
The Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Scientific Image Library
Loyola University - MEDICALLY IMPORTANT BACTERIA - Photogallery
Buckman Laboratories - Pictures of Bacteria
Virtual Museum of Bacteria
NYS Dept of Health Wadsworth Center - Bacteria
Photo Gallery of Bacteria Pathogens
bacteria - photos and information
Bacteria Photos
Bacteria Identification Lab-Very Cool
Bacteria Invasion Game
Neuroscience for Kids
Global Online Adventures Learning Site
Provides high school biology and life science teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information. Includes Science Updates, BioTech Issues, Activity Exchange, and Collaboration Opportunities.
The journeys of a dozen migratory species are tracked each spring. Students share their own field observations with classrooms across the Hemisphere. In addition, students are linked with scientists who provide their expertise directly to the classroom. I
Track the current migration of the Monarch butterflies plus informational and graphic resources.
Life Science Lesson Plans
The Science Spot: Biology Lesson Plan Links
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Graphics Gallery
Visual Simulations
Gene Pool
Our Place in Space: Gravity
Build a Solar System
Powers of Ten Webcast
MIT TechTV (beta)
Antartica - Interactive
One Small Step: How to Measure a Carbon Footprint | Edutopia
Ruckus Nation: An Online Idea Competition to Get Kids Moving!
Teach Green: Lesson Plans on Recycling | Edutopia
Autodesk Student Community: Login
Online Digital Microscope
Space-Based Solar Power As an Opportunity for Strategic Security

Anatomy - 3d model of Human Anatomy + Interactive

Zygote - Biology

Take a Child Outside • NC Museum of Natural Sciences

YES I Can! Science

TerraCycle Inc

Periodic Table ADventure

Steps of the Scientific Method

Your Genetic Journey - The Genographic Project

Home - DNA rainbow

Miami Museum of Science - The Atoms Family

Online Games

Hotlist: Energy

Welcome to The Science of Energy!

Alliant Energy Kids

EIA Energy Kids Page - energy facts, fun, games and activities

EERE: Kids Home Page

Energy Chest

Green Living, Going Green, Eco-friendly Living - National Geographic

Global Island


EIA Kids Page - Energy Facts: Sources of Energy, Renewable and Non-renewable (Nonrenewable)

School Energy Conservation Ideas

EconEdLink | EconomicsMinute | Be an Energy Saver

what's up with the weather: your carbon diet

The Home Energy Saver

Clean Sweep U.S.A.

The Home Energy Saver Movie

Power Up!

Green Schools Resources

National Geographic Magazine - "Green" House

Energy Hog

Energy Quest Room

U.S. DoE - Roofus' Solar and Efficient Home Home Page

The Planetary Society

Astronomy Online

Solar Eclipse

Invision Guide to a Healthy Heart

Virtual plants

Brains Rule

Google Mars

Google Labs

Gale - Free Resources - Reference Reviews - Archive

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses, March 2002

Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?

NRDC: Global Warming Threatens Florida

Hi! Hydrogen - Interactive Online Chemistry Lab

Home of CELLS alive!

Neave Planetarium

BBC - Schools Science Clips - Light and shadows

Welcome To Professor Garfield

High School Ace

Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.

Vernier LabQuest - Vernier Software & Technology

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Carbon Calculator

The NSTA Learning Center

NOVA | Wings of Madness | Tour the Demoiselle | PBS

Science Cartoons Plus -- The Cartoons of S. Harris

Physics - High School Online Collaborative Writing - a Wikia wiki

Points of Viewing Children's Thinking


ScienceDirect - Home

The NSTA Learning Center

The Oregon Vortex and location of the House of Mystery

Tools-4-Teachers » Free Websites for Teachers

BEST Robotics, Inc. :: Middle and High School Robotics Competition

History's Most Overlooked Mysteries | LiveScience

Petrol.jpg (JPEG Image, 521x722 pixels) - Scaled (81%)


How Edison Are You?

YouTube - Titan - A Place Like Home? Another Earth?

Marine Photobank

Science Entertainment: How To Make Science Karaoke

Views of the Solar System

NSSDC Photo Gallery

Your Age On Other Worlds

Middle School Technology Integration

Science Videos Search Engine - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts

myabodo : see your world change


Online Basic Skill Games

Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Science Projects Experiments & Educational Toys - Cool Ideas, Gifts & Lesson Plans from Steve Spangler at Steve Spangler Science

Edheads - Simple Machines Activities - Lever - Pulley - Wedge - Screw - Inclined Plane - Wheel and Axle - Gear

Interactive Assessment Worksheets

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Science Notebooks

Total Solar Eclipse Map (2001-2025) « strange maps

KDN: Kids Design Network at the DuPage Children's Museum

Neuroscience For Kids - brain games

Amazon Interactive

The Art of Crime Detection

CosmicQuest @ The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Mitosis and Meiosis

NIEHS Kids Page -- Fun and Games with Shapes and Patterns/Spirograph and 3D Models

The Exploratorium's Online Exhibits

Star Lab

Dinosaur Puzzle

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
A Science Odyssey: You Try It Menu
NASA - JPL Solar System Simulator
Science Fun with Airplanes
Geo-Mysteries @ The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Discovery Channel :: Walking With Prehistoric Beasts: Prehistoric Zoo
The Holodek
Fear of science
Evolution Lab
Sue at The FIeld Museum
Science Playground: Activities
Discover Magazine — Discover Magazine
BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Interactive Body | LabAssistant - Get your life organized. | iRNAi - iRNAi, do you? | 4Peaks - For Peaks, Four Peaks. | EnzymeX - To cut or not to cut...
Bioliteracy Project Home Page
Atmospheric Optics
Dr. Michio Kaku
Young keep it simple in high-tech world: survey | Reuters
Discovery Kids :: Home Page :: Discovery Kids
ScienceDaily: Thousands Of Atoms Swap 'Spins' With Partners In Quantum Square Dance
Mr. Robot game
The Eyes of Nye
Encyclopedia of Earth
JOURNEY OF MANKIND - The Peopling of the World
Fahrenheit and Celsius
A periodic table assembled from the more popular and interesting sites on the Internet.
The Original Farmer's Almanac since 1792 - The Old Farmer's Almanac
NASA World Wind
Galaxiki, a fictional galaxy anyone can edit
Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
Cool math - Online Math and Financial Calculators
Cary Academy's Periodic Table of Podcasts - Home of the Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection
world shopping webquest
Fun Trivia Quizzes - World's Largest Trivia and Quiz Site!
Brain Food
Astrology Chart Generator - Free Astrology Charts
The Worksheet Generator offers free school worksheets for teachers.
Windows to the Universe
Dr. Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum Web Site for Educators
Science's 10 most beautiful experiments
National Science Teachers Association
Proper Sound Distribution with Marrs-Study.Info
Federation of American Scientists
Crayola® Creativity Central
Western Growers Association - Home
The Edible Schoolyard
Welcome to KidsGardening! Garden Resources, Gardening for Families, Teacher's Garden and Shopping for Gardening
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
42explore: Thematic Pathfinders for All Ages all subjects
BBC - Schools - Friction - Science
BBC - Schools - Forces in Action - Science
Va Earth Science - Planets
Medical Images on the Web
Spark Notes - Fre Online Study Tools
Cyber Slueth Kids
DNA Teacher Tube Video
3-6 Student Interactives - Utah Education Network
Five Senses Home Page
ScienceWorld: Web resource for Math and Science
Student of Fortune - web 2.0 homework help
Remapping the Universe: Jeff Han multi-touch demo.
Resources for teachers covering all content areas. Sections for parents, students and teachers are included. Child safe sites are featured. This is a great place for teachers to grow professionally!
Encyclopedia of Life
Chandra :: Photo Album :: Eta Carinae :: 20 Jun 07
Kinetic City:
Science Vocabulary Hangman Game
Stop Disasters
Interactive websites for eith grade curricuum
Tools for Teachers
Free Math worksheets, Free phonics worksheets, Math Games and Online activities, work sheets
animations from earth sciences institute (australia)
Physics Web
Genetics Virtual Lab
Discover Our Earth
Explore ELearning - for Math and Science with Gizmo
101 Science Experiments
Material World - Virtual Simulations and Experiments
Earth Science Simulations
Virtual Vacationalnd - Virtual Tour of Earth Science Resources
Desktop Laboratories
Special and General Relativity
Discovery Virtual Lab - Fishing for a Home
Growing Scientist Virtual Labs
Virtual Experiments
UVA Virtual Labs
Sky View Virtual Observitory
Astrobiology Virtual Lab
The ChemCollective 3D Virtual Lab

The Ph Factor
Lab Bench
Rice Simulation Lab
Frog Disection Lab
Virtual Labs and Simulations
Virtual Geology Lab
Transgenic Fly Lab
Virtual Lab
Virtual Labs Experiments
Literacy Scince and Math Games from the BBC
Sea Sky
Science Monster
Robot Constructor
Inner Body
Cool Cosmos - Infrared Animals
Great Achievements
Color Matters
Beyond 2000 Predictions for the Next Millenium
Kids Astronomy
Kids World
Bill Bye Labs - The Science Guy
Primary Games - Welcome
NASA Earth Observatory
Hayden Planetarium
Louis Pasteur - Wikiquote
All Systems Go
Gravity Launch
Net Frog Dissection: Set-Up 1: Materials
website for young astronomers
Has interactive activities
Biology I Interactive Animations
WIKISKY.ORG - Interactive Sky Map
Astronomy Cast
Tree of Life Web Project
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics
AIMS Education Foundation
How to Build a Robot Tutorial - Society of Robots
NOVA Online | Voyage of Doom | Buoyancy Brainteasers
Butterfly Life Cycle
Interactive Periodic Table
Lab of Tomorrow
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table
Wiki Ski
View from Satellite
Virtual Labs - Frog Disection
Wonderville 3D
Weather Cycle
Create a Planet/Create a Soloar System
Dumptown Recycling
Battle forf the Planet
Design Your Own Satellite

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