Newburgh CSD iPad Training September 2012


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  • Newburgh CSD - proposed iPad policy -

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Ways of Teaching with the iPad:

Tips and Tricks:

Speed up your sentences: Double-tapping the spacebar while typing a message will type a period and then a space.

Tweak AutoFill: You can choose to enable Safari's AutoFill feature in Settings, Safari, AutoFill. From there, you can tell Safari to fill forms automatically either by using your specified contact information or by remembering the names and passwords you've entered while logging in to Websites in the past.

Choose an app for e-mail attachments: You can open a file attached to an e-mail message by tapping the attachment in Mail, but if the default app isn't the one you want to use, you can press and hold and wait for a menu that lets you select an app.

Secure your backups: You can encrypt your iPad's backup data in iTunes. Just open the iPad in iTunes, click the Summary tab, and check Encrypt iPad backup under the Options heading.

Turn on Universal Access: You can enable options such as closed-captioned movies, VoiceOver screen reading, zoom magnification, and inverted white-on-black text by selecting the iPad in iTunes, opening the Summary tab, and clicking Configure Universal Access under the Options heading.

Take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen: Press Home and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically appear among your photos.