Karen's resources in this Wiki and her blogs are her notes. Her blogs compile resources for educators to use. Many people request the Readers Digest Version/abridged version because they do not have time to read lengthy websites. Therefore she compiles information into notes in her online journal, blog. She follows the true definition of a web log on all her blogs. Other educators are free to use any of her resources as they wish regarding her wiki and blogs. There is no reason to contact her for permission. If it was copyrighted, she would post it on a private website owned and copyrighted by her and not place it on a blog or a wiki.

Finally, since Karen's blogs are her notes and journals, she does not cite in APA, nor is she required to since it is a web log or journal of hers. In PGSL Blog, she follows the guidelines and requests set by the SLED Educators Network and Second Life Rules. She will not post real names or SL names for any projects, websites, blogs or wikis, only the URL address. The only reference will be to web pages as a reference to respect other educators hard work and also to respect the wishes expresed by SLED, Linden Labs and individual privacy. The only exception I make is for educators in SL I personally know in RL, have worked with and can prove who they are and have their explicit permission regarding who they are and to post their names. I hope you all respect this and understand this. It is not to share who you are, but to protect identity over the vulnerable internet. In addition, when information is posted many places on the internet it is often hard to determine who actually came up or posted the idea first. My job is not to determine this. It is to find educational resources to improve children's education. In these cases I can not tell who actually came up with the ideas, I refer to things as compiled and give credit to all the websites it is listed on, never names. If you choose to share who you are over your internet site, then individuals can find out who you are from your site, not my posting negligence. Please be assured credit will always be given, but ONLY by posting of websites URLs.